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While doing this balancing act, she rarely has time to ponder about her appearance. Under his company, Courrèges first launched his signature designs of a little white dress and trouser suit. So, if you think you can make it in an industry that is constantly looking for the new, then get ready for a challenge of a lifetime. California College of the Arts: As this school completes 100 years, its excellence in the field of fashion only increases. As the fashion industry is constantly changing, so are the fashion trends. Drexel University: Located in chilly, this school welcomes guests like Oscar de la Rena, Anna Shi, Rolph Lauren, and Betsey Johnson. Perhaps, one of the most famous designers in France, Yves was the first one to introduce power dressing for women in the form of “power suits” in the year 1966.

Charmingly self-conscious, he was as entertaining as he was aesthetically acute. The first gallery holds some of the best pieces from Fall 1994 and other greatest hits. Palette aside, it is in this gallery that Mr. Mizrahis reverence for American fashion history is strongly expressed. A 1988 jumpsuit combo of marigold yellow and orange winks at Geoffrey Beene; and a pink-cotton shirtwaist nods to one of Norman Norells favorite shapes, but with a 1990 twist: Mr. Mizrahi has blown out the back, leaving bare skin between collar and waistband. Two dresses from 1992, using fabric printed with hugely enlarged photographs of flowersone a white tulip, the other a red poppybow to photographer Irving Penn. In his placement of the flowers on the body, Mr. Mizrahis sense of proportion proves as masterly as Penns. A small gallery of floor-to-ceiling mixed-media sketches, again arranged in a grid, shows Mr. Mizrahis creative method in action.

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By designing your own outfit on-line, you can design the dress you always wanted to have but were never able to find in the right colons or fabric, and all this is just a few clicks away! If your fashion show is slated to open on a certain date, then it has to. Rolph Lauren tried his hands at many things before he became a fashion designer. Keep reading... Among the many careers in fashion designing, fashion merchandising is one that encompasses everything that the fashion industry has to offer. Sophisticated clothing combined with a fashionable appeal, Armani gained a strong foothold when he launched his own design house in Milan in 1975. So how do you clear the clutter in your head regarding fashion diktats and decide what works for you? Tom Ford, counted among the most famous designers today, whose portfolio includes serving as a creative director for both Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, wanted to be actor when he was growing up.

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