A Look At Picking Out Necessary Details In Clothes

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People in their late teens and early 20s are interested in trends that were popular before they were alive, as opposed to adults who have already lived through them. The resurgence of grunge today is in part due to adolescents wanting to be a part of the past as well as their ability to freely test new styles, she said. For those who werent able to live it the first time through, it becomes something romantic and nostalgic, Ronduen said. Although fourth-year English student Katherene Quiteno grew up in the 2000s, she was still affected by 90s television that spilled over into the new millennium such as Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She appreciates the aesthetic qualities of grunge clothing, such as the contrast between her velvet leggings and denim jacket, as well as the boxier fits that arent tight-fitting. Students today wear the clothing because its trendy and nostalgic, as opposed to wearing grunge for the rebellious reasons in the 90s. Its in. Its aesthetic. And were consuming it, she said. [Throwback: Q&A: Fashion and Student Trends model discusses upcoming fashion show ] First-year art student Rachel Lester-Trend doesnt define her look as grunge, but she adopts elements from the style.


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