NBA says referees missed violation on Celtics in Game 5 versus Bucks

The NBA’s last-two-minute report confirmed that referees missed a 24-second violation on the Boston Celtics with little more than a minute to play in Tuesday’s Game 5 of a first-round series against the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Bucks expressed frustration that referees failed to whistle what seemed like an obvious infraction. The NBA confirmed the missed call in their daily review and also noted that Al Horford should have been called for a travel before he took a shot trying to beat the shot-clock buzzer.

“Not a good enough one,” said Prunty. “I was asking for a shot clock violation. I didn’t think he got the ball off, so I said, ‘That’s a shot clock violation.’ That was my discussion. You’ll have to ask them if they can review it. I just know what I said, it’s a shot clock violation. Didn’t get the ball off.

“For me, maybe I had a good view of it, I just didn’t think he got it off, so I voiced my opinion on that.”

In a meeting with a pool reporter, referee Ken Mauer said the potential shot clock violation was not reviewable.

That he was there and rehabilitating his ankle was a positive step for the team during an offseason that has included Beckham trade rumors. New coach Pat Shurmur said before the minicamp practice that he expected Beckham to be on the roster this season.

The relationship between Beckham and the Giants appears to be mending several weeks after a controversial video emerged. In the seven-second clip on social media, Beckham is in a bed next to a pizza, holding what appears to be some sort of brown cigarette or cigar, while a woman next to him has a credit card and what looks like a white, powdery substance aligned in rows.

Cobb, now with the Baltimore Orioles, was scheduled to face his old team on Tuesday night before the game was postponed by rain.

“This is the playoffs. It’s going to be war,” Rubio said. “You’re playing seven games and you’ve got to win four. We know that it’s going to be another war next game, and we just need to be tough but at the same time mentally ready for that. We’re not backing down, but at the same time we know we have to be ready for a fight and respond.”

Paul George picked up a technical early for shoving Joe Ingles, Steven Adams got one for slapping away Rudy Gobert’s arm, Quin Snyder for arguing a call, Ingles one for bumping George and Raymond Felton and Gobert picked up double technicals during a light skirmish.

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