Detroit Lions WR Golden Tate could be next in line for contract extension

In his first two seasons as general manager, Bob Quinn has shown a propensity to get long-term deals done with his best players right before the start of the season.

He did it with Matthew Stafford and Glover Quin last year, and with Darius Slay, Theo Riddick and Sam Martin the summer before.

Goodell acknowledges there’s more work to be done on the well-intentioned rule. The league will move to make the helmet rule the first penalty to fall under the umbrella of allowable instant replay reviews. Standards need to be established to determine which infractions are merely 15-yard penalties and which ones warrant ejections, fines and suspension.

And yes, the players will need to be educated. Goodell said that league officials will engage on a campaign that includes visits to all 32 teams over the next 90 days. Maybe that’s why the competition committee didn’t table the issue until it was ready to address the other work needing to be done on the rule.

According to Albert Breer of, Griffin has been invited to the 2018 NFL Draft and plans to attend.

The Central Florida linebacker was already one of the best stories in this year’s talent pool, after he overcame a birth defect which cost him a hand to become one of the top players in college football.

But after initially not getting an invite to Indianapolis, he proceeded to take the combine by storm.

Meanwhile, the position of some owners categorizing peaceful protests as unfit political statements for the NFL stage rings hollow when juxtaposed against the manner in which the league wraps itself in the flag.

And they shouldn’t forget: Fans, and viewers, come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

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